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Improving the Quality
of Your Life at Home

We are home caregivers located in Annapolis, Maryland. As owners, we are involved in all cases to ensure the care is exceeding the client’s expectations. We are a fully licensed family-owned and operated In-Home Care provider. From senior care to respite care, to post-surgery, to disability needs, we are experienced and can take care of everyone.

At Chesapeake Caregivers, we believe in hiring the most qualified caregivers. We accomplish our goals of exceptional care by diligently recruiting experienced caregivers who will stay with our company to provide the best service for our clients.

All our caregivers go through an extensive hiring process and are required to pass a background check and detailed skill assessment. They are undergoing continuous training, so they are always ready to help in our constantly changing medical environment.

Chesapeake Caregivers Inc. is a family-owned & operated In-Home Care provider.

Who We Are

John and Susan Degen started Chesapeake Caregivers with three Assisted Living Facilities on the Eastern Shore. Through the growth of the Healthcare Industry and at the request of the families they assisted, Chesapeake Caregivers found a need for Home Care, and it has kept growing since then. We have a broad range of experience in many aspects of Health Care and we use this along with our passion to assist the elderly to guide our clients to the best way to care for their loved ones. Our client-centered approach is what sets us apart in the industry.

We love being able to live in a community where we can make a difference for our clients and their families.

Our team of certified nursing assistants has proudly provided in-home care in Maryland since 1997.

We assist those who require help with the activities of daily living in the comfort of their own home. Home care allows individuals to stay safe and maintain their independence.

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Whether you are in your own house, or a family member's house, there are many reasons why you may choose to stay in a familiar environment.

However, this choice does not mean that you are on your own. Our team of certified nursing assistants is available to help you remain independent.

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Custom Care Plan

Although our caregivers do not dispense medication, they are still able to assist with medications. This includes providing reminders of when to take their next dose, as well as opening containers and reading labels. These helpful reminders safeguard that your loved ones are taking their medications as prescribed.

Our caregivers work closely with seniors to provide in-home care. This allows them to remain in their homes for as long as possible. It also ensures they are well taken care of, from grooming to household chores. Having our caregivers in your home is an excellent way to balance the wants and needs of aging seniors.

To schedule your free, no obligation meeting, please either call us at (410) 919-0190 or submit this form with your meeting availability.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently offering digital meeting options to promote social distancing. We meet Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please suggest a few dates/times that you are available. If you are not available during traditional meeting times, please submit your availability, and we will try to accommodate.

Our Services

Personal hygiene- bathing, toileting, incontinence care, a.m./p.m. care, dressing, grooming.

Ambulation- walking assistance, exercise assistance, and transfers.

Companionship focused care- provide assistance with letter writing, emails, reading appointments, calendars.

Memory care- conversation and companionship, Alzheimer's care, dementia care, medication reminders.

Grocery list preparation- meal planning, meal preparation, diet and fluid-intake monitoring.

General housekeeping, (dishes, garbage removal, dusting, vacuuming, laundry and linens.) light housekeeping, care for houseplants, care for pets.

Transportation- visits to families neighbors and friends, errands and shopping, doctors appointments, escort to outdoor activities.

Other- respite care, post-surgery care, Injury care.

Cost Of Care

Non-medical home care costs vary depending on location and the amount of care you will need. A free in-home consultation is essential for an accurate estimate of the cost of quality home health care. In-home assessments allow us to evaluate the care recipient's home environment and discuss how to improve the quality of the care recipient's life at home.

In the acknowledgment of the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Zoom Assessments are available.

Non-medical home care can be funded through various sources, but the typical payment sources include private pay where the care recipient or family members pay for the care from their individual resources, long-term care insurance (LTC), Veterans Aid and Attendance, and Medicaid. Contrary to popular belief, Medicare does NOT fund home care.

Long Term Care Insurance:
A long-term care insurance policy assists in funding the costs of that care when you have a chronic medical condition, a disability, or a disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease. Traditionally, long-term care insurance policies send a reimbursement check to the client for services paid out of pocket.

Getting Started:
We accept all long-term care insurance (LTC) and have decades of experience working with long-term care insurance companies Chesapeake Caregivers works with many insurance companies including MetLife, Genworth, CNA, among many others and are able to assist you through the process of initiating and maintaining long-term care insurance benefits.

Many long-term care insurance companies require a RN Assessment. We have our staff RN complete an assessment within the first 90 days and every 120 days thereafter. Chesapeake Caregivers will send the assessments to the long-term care Insurance company for review.

Chesapeake Caregivers will send the invoice to the client to pay. To reduce the burden on clients, we will submit the invoice and any supporting documents, such as daily care notes & assessments to the long-term care insurance company. If you prefer, we can work with you on setting up a payment option where the long-term care insurance company sends payment directly to Chesapeake Caregivers.

Resolving Issues:
If any problems occur, such as receiving reimbursement(s), initiating a claim, submitting paperwork or any other issues, we will contact the long-term care insurance company on your behalf to resolve the situation.

Our Leadership

John Degen

Equity Partner


Susan Degan

Susan Degen

Managing Partner


Donna Farabaugh

Registered Nurse


Samantha Lamon

Director of Patient Advocacy


Our COVID-19 Policy

Chesapeake Caregivers is dedicated to delivering exceptional care to many of the most vulnerable people of our population. We are taking proactive steps to ensure our clients and caregivers are educated during this time of elevated health concerns. We have implemented safety measures issued by the CDC, OSHA, and state and local health departments to ensure the health and well-being of our clients and caregivers. These measures include temperature checks, providing our caregivers with appropriate personal protective equipment, instruction on frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing when applicable, and the sanitization of your home. Additional practices may exist based on state or local regulations.

Additionally, here are some resources you may find helpful:


We continue to monitor the situation and are committed to supporting you and your family the best we can.