Approximately three years ago my family went through a huge transformation. We were told that our father was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. Panic ensued. What do we do? Where do we start? Who do we call? And of course, the most important question, What is best for dad?
Our family pulled together and decided we would manage the care needed for our father. But, as the disease progressed we came to the harsh realization that we couldn’t provide the type of round the clock care that he required.

We made hundreds of phone calls to search for caregivers that could assist us with care for our father. We struggled with various groups that claimed their caregivers were trained to deal with dementia and insisted that they could help. But, we were not satisfied with the care. Some people could work with him during the day but the evenings presented a problem. Our dad is a sundowner and very rarely sleeps at night. Many people tried and many people failed. Every time we would begin a new search for another group, our hopes would be crushed as we realized the hours were not typical for many and the cost was so high we worried about how long we could continue the care.

When I felt as though we had exhausted every resource, I found our miracle. I was told about a care giving group that was local and just getting started. I called Chesapeake Care Givers and spoke with the owner, John. He listened patiently and when he spoke he simply said we want to help. Chesapeake Care has been amazing. He met with our family and our father. He gathered a history and has been able to provide caregivers that are trained in dealing with dementia in all stages. In addition, the people that work with my father are warm and caring and work with my father’s schedule instead of trying to change it. They are calm and soft spoken which is exactly what my father needs. John worked with our family on the cost and has made it affordable. My family has and still is going through so much with this process and now I speak for all of them when I say that we now have some peace of mind. We realize that we can’t be with dad 24 hrs a day, but we are accepting that because we know we have Chesapeake care there with, and for my father. I really had given up hope in finding such an organization….I’m so glad I made that last phone call. Thank you so much, Chesapeake Care, for all that you do.

Tamra Sherrick

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